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For thousands of years harp music has been known for its soothing, tranquil, ethereal and heavenly qualities.  Even now in these modern times, the harp is still sought for its healing and stress relieving benefits.

Hieroglyphs show us harps were part of life of the Pharaohs 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt.  In the 800’s in Britain, harpers were employed by the Royalty.

Greek Mythology, abounds with tales of the harp and it’s magical qualities.

Early Christianity used harps as accompaniment for singing monks, as few other instruments were allowed by the church.

The bible holds the harp in high regard. King David played the harp and sang.

The harp is not played with a pick or bow, but with direct contact of human fingers on the strings.  This is what imparts a full, soul stirring, profound experience like no other.